Scout Wire – December 17, 2010

BSA Joins Forces With the Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation

In 2011, in celebration of a century of turning “today’s readers into tomorrow’s leaders,” Boys’ Life magazine will work with the Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation to give readers the opportunity to help select a Scout or Scouts to receive the foundation’s American Spirit Award. It will recognize those who demonstrate extraordinary skill, professionalism, and a spirit of excellence in a challenging situation. More information will be released in early January on the award’s finalists.

Strategic Goal 411: What Is It? How Will It Affect the BSA?

In the National Council Strategic Plan for 2011–2015, seven strategic areas are identified as the plan’s main focus, or “pillars.” Under the fourth pillar, “Dynamic & Relevant Program,” the first objective states that, “The BSA’s programs match what today’s youth both want and need.” To accomplish this rather tall order, the first goal calls for reviewing our programs and changing them where necessary to ensure they are appealing, exciting, and culturally relevant. View the video for a brief overview of 411. More information will be shared in early 2011.

Journey to Excellence Dashboard Goes Live February 9

The Journey to Excellence performance dashboard for tracking council-level metrics will launch February 9 for BSA employees. National, regional, and area volunteers will gain access to this tool in mid-March, along with council board members, district chairs, and commissioners.

Learn, Do, Improve With CPD Classes in 2011

Powerful training experiences offered by the Center for Professional Development (CPD) await you and your staff in the new year. Learn more. Do more. Improve performance. Get course information and register by going to MyBSA. Click on Resources, then Center for Professional Development, and Professional Training Courses on the top menu.

It’s Time for Winter Sports! Be Sure Your Scouts Are Protected

Now that we’re in the heart of the winter sports season, please be sure you’re aware of the change to Item 3 of the Winter Sports Safety section in the Guide to Safe Scouting, which includes updated rules and recommendations for the use of helmets.

BSA Holiday Card Available on

A BSA holiday card has been developed by Media Studio to help spread cheer this holiday season. A downloadable .wmv version of the card is available on the Marketing Toolbox section of here:

Catch a Recap of Our 100th Year Activities on The Buzz


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