Scout Wire – December 3, 2010

Geocaching Merit Badge Pamphlets, Patches Now Available

You won’t need a GPS unit to find the official Geocaching merit badge pamphlet and badge–both are now available through the National Distribution Center (SKUs #610765 and #612253, respectively). The merit badge also is active in PAS/ScoutNet as #145.

Make sure your Scout Shop/local service center is well-stocked for the holidays so your Scouts can begin working on this exciting new merit badge.

December Already? Must Be Time for 2010 Annual Reviews in PDS

The start of December means the holidays are upon us and the year is winding down. It also means that the annual review process is now open in PDS. To help remind you about this important annual event and provide an update on some key changes to PDS, Fred Meijering, group director for the Human Resources and Innovation and Research teams, has recorded a quick video update.

L.A.-Area Scout Camp Puts ‘Eco-Cabins’ to Use

Embracing the BSA’s Leave No Trace mantra, architecture and design firm Gensler has created an “eco-cabin” for the Western Los Angeles County Council’s Camp Emerald Bay on Catalina Island. Utilizing sustainable design principles, renewable energy, and two 20-foot shipping containers, the cabin is the first of 20 planned 12-person structures that will be powered entirely by solar panels. The cabin was built in L.A. and shipped to the island with all materials packed inside the containers. To see more photos, please visit the blog.

Boy Scouts ‘Blamed’ for Adventurer’s Love of the Outdoors

Writer, broadcaster, and Eagle Scout Boyd Matson writes in the latest issue of National Geographic Traveler magazine about a recent quest to climb a mountain he first conquered as a Boy Scout in West Texas. When the climb proves to be a bit more difficult than he bargained for, he reflects on the events in his life that brought him to that point: “I blame the Boy Scouts of America. That organization stole my soul when I was a kid and planted it in the wilderness,” he says. “I was too young to resist their clever sales pitch built around hiking and camping trips. And their system of rewarding accomplishments with higher ranks and colorful merit badges meant, in effect, there was always one more goal to reach, one more mountain to climb.”

Watch WBTV for a Chance to Voice Your Opinion on Key BSA Topics

Deputy Chief Scout Executive Wayne Brock recently launched WBTV, a video blog covering a range of topics on the culture, programs, and operations of the BSA. New episodes will be posted each month, and a comments function allows all employees to weigh in with their thoughts, questions, and suggestions for future topics. Wayne’s first blog, covering the creation of a strong culture at the BSA, was posted on November 17. Since that time, roughly 80 comments and questions have been posted on the site. All employees will be notified via e-mail when new videos are added to the site at

Scouting’s Journey to Excellence Featured on The Buzz


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